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Paraphila is an umbrella term used to cover the family of philias. In sexology, it is sometimes more widely used to cover atypical sexual interests or deviances. While the word paraphilia may seem alien, the philias it encompasses may seem slightly familiar. Think fetishes and unusual desires and you're on the right track!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

More thrills from the drill: Dental fetish revisited

A reader has emailed in with a question:

My boyfriend might have a fetish for teeth, cavities in particular. He's openly admitted that he's turned on by everything dental.

Every time we meet up, it quickly turns to a dental examination. He loves nothing more than looking in mouth, feeling my teeth with his tongue and has even encouraged me to see if he can sit in on my next dental check-up!! 

I'm not feeling 100% comfortable with this and really not sure how to handle this... any ideas?

We're all different and we each have our kinks... And dental fetish isn't the most conventional of fetishes. Before you make any decision, you should take a step back and consider how much this 'issue' is impacting on your relationship.  Then, the natural question should be "Can I handle this?"  If not, then you need to come clean and if you feel like you can deal with it, let him know and try to move forward. 

In my previous article about the dental fetish, there weren't a great number of resources available... but that was more than 4 years ago. Times have changed!  LarrySic's YouTube channel currently hosts dentistry videos showing real-life dental examinations. There's dental fetish erotica, a Flickr group specialising in teeth, braces and dentistry and even its own chat room!

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MCH said...

lol, surely this person is just taking the piss?