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Monday, 12 March 2007

Break Out the Kleenex - This One's a Sneeze-Jerker

Ah, winter's not-so-sweet symphony is flowing through the air with splutters, coughs and sneezes resounding wherever I go.

Between you and me, there isn't a time when you'll see me feeling less sexual or attractive then when I'm sick. I pity the poor man who is sick in my presence. While my nurturing instinct goes ahead full throttle, the brakes on my sexual thoughts slam quickly.

Well, I lie. As any woman with a sore throat will tell you, men-a-plenty are quick to offer their traditional home-brew sore throat remedy for women. Of course, there is also the urban myth that a sneeze is a tenth of an orgasm. While a sneeze offers a pleasant relief, personally, I'd rather the real thing!

However, for a small group of people, just a sneeze is enough for the full orgasm. While others look forward to summer romps on the beach, for sneeze fetishists, allergy and flu seasons are the best times to spot talent! While most people settle down with a dvd and a box of man-size tissues for some self-love, some members of The Sneeze Fetish Forum simply find arousal in the sight of the tissue or a handkerchief.

Forum member RNAllergicgirl writes of her new boyfriend: "He said that he got allergies one year and they just got worse and worse since then, and now he's allergic to everything! He is even allergic to his dog and cat. I'm so excited because I'm going out to stay at his place this weekend, and we'll be around his pets the whole time. He also mentioned that he doesn't like to take medication, so I'm really really REALLY hoping that .... well I think you can probably fill in the blanks....."

Of her weekend, she writes: "had a great time! met his dog and cat....but he didn't sneeze once... I'm really really REALLY hoping that he has bad hay fever, my GOD how that would be wonderful....(I know I'm cruel, but.....) he did specifically bring up hay fever AGAIN, so I'm guessing it must be something of a big deal for him. AND he brought it up, independently, without any 'facilitation' from me - anyways it was fun and I'm excited....should only be a few more weeks until allergy season starts here.....Yippeee!!!"

While many sneeze fetishists don't wish ill upon others for the sake of a buzz, guilt appears to play rather a large role in this net community...and perhaps not feeling it is part of it!

Blogger Tarotgal, a self-proclaimed sneeze fetishist keeps an archive of erotic fiction on her site as well as writing about her own obsession the subject. She mentions an encounter with an ill marine which makes it seem like she is revelling in not only his illness, but her lack of guilt as well.

She writes: " And when he sneezed- OH but they were perfect hehshhoo!-type sneezes- very wet, medium volume, and just strong enough to sound like cold sneezes. *THUNK*At one point he got up to get some juice and looked so miserable coughing and sniffling, my Boss said something like "Watch out, we've got a sick marine here!" to which he replied, quite patetically "I want to die" OHHHHHH it was so cute!!!!!!! I just about died from the perfection of it all...Poor guy, but I was in HEAVEN."

However, helps is at hand for alleviating the guilt which this fetish may cause. More likely, it is available to fill in those times of year which tend to be sneeze-free. The Sneeze Fetish Forum is not alone in offering advice for inducing sneezing using items such as: pepper, cotton buds and even dryer sheets!

Perhaps Brook Owens of Ashville, North Carolina, USA, could teach sneeze fetishists a lesson or two in the art. ABC News report that the schoolgirl sneezed continuously for three weeks. Her doctors have labelled her machine-gun sneezing episode a 'medical mystery' which defied diagnosis.

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