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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Static Sex!

What is it about balloons that brings out child-like excitement in people of all ages? I asked my son what the appeal of these airborne vehicles of fun and he replied: "They're fun because they're so bouncy!" I admit to feeling slightly bouncier myself in their presence. They draw on memories of childhood and their spherical form encourages many a silly game...oh and their helium as well!

There are some, however, for whom they appeal in a purely adult way. Sophia, a 26-year-old office assistant, confessed: "I'm get totally turned on by balloons. The only way my boyfriend can give me an orgasm is by rubbing a balloon against my pussy. I know it can't be normal but it feels better than sex."

While Burlesque stars such as Blaze Starr made the balloon striptease famous, it appeals to a much-wider audience than the balloon fetishist with it's audience involvement and the element of the tease.

Sexpert Katherine Gates writes of her discovery of the 'looners': "When I first discovered the balloon fetish on the Internet I felt like a virtual Indiana Jones hacking through the website jungle seeking information-age buried treasure on a mission to unearth new niche kinks from the sexual underground. When I followed a link to Balloon Buddies, Ltd. Bringing Balloon Lovers Together Since 1976, I knew I had stumbled upon the mythic “lost tribe” of undiscovered fetishists. Here was a classic fetish that as far as I knew no researcher had ever documented."

Considered by some as a subset of the latex fetish, looners enjoy sensual feast that balloons have to offer. From it's skin-like nature to its unique scent which for many fetishists on its own is a turn-on. Katherine Gates points out: "The balloon itself is a perfectly opaque metaphor, flexible enough to suggest breast, cock, body, face without ever limiting itself to one single interpretation. It's this flexibility and capacity to expand to contain many meanings that makes the balloon such a good fetish object."

'Loonatics' find arousal rubbing up against balloons, masturbating while inflating them or using them as sex toys in quite, well, eye-opening ways. As an inflatable with a breast-like quality, it draws parallels to both lactation and bresh expansion fetish. For balloon voyeurs, it is not so much the pleasure that balloons gives that turns them on as much as the pleasure of watching someone being satisfied by one.

Unlike many fetishes, there is no gender or sexual orientation divide with both straight and gay men and women enjoying this type of latex love. More interestingly, the divide appears when the "to pop or not to pop" question comes into conversation on forums such as Balloon Buddies. While some looners prefer for the pop to occur "naturally" through overinflation, others prefer either introducing other fetish items such as a lit cigarrette or a stiletto heel to cause explosive levels of excitement.

For the enthusiast and those looking to put bang back into their sex life, a vast quantity of visual material is available on the internet: from the innocent clothed woman sat on a balloon to the not-so-innocent balloon cum dildo.

I don't think I'll ever quite look at the balloon with childlike innocence ever again....

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michael said...

my name is michael, i'll tell you no more for now about my identity. i've looked at balloons a very different way since i was a little kid. i always wanted my first grade teacher to sit on a balloon. but it's so much more technical then that. it has to be inflated just right or else it won't pop under her weight, she has to sit on it right. most videos i find online are no good. women have to have a healthy ammount of fat and age helps. women around 35 or so are usually the best figure for this. the woman cannot make her butt pointy by lifting her legs up or that spoils the fun. if she sits like that then the smaller area means higher pressure(pressure = force/ares) and chances are she's not gonna pop it. you need to find sone thin skinned balloons, the right size is important, 9" and 12" are my favorites, most videos have em too big. back to previous, it's sooo much better when she has her legs in the balloon too. this whole bouncing thing... no. bouncing lightly sparks the imagionation much more then the trampoline act. slowly but forcefully shifting from side to side or forward and backward works too but over all, nothing beats the initial process of sitting down on the balloon, repeatedly getting up and sitting down is best. but it can't seem like it's for me. it's best when it's like she's completing a task or an experiment but without fear. sitting on it by accident while talking the other way or something is a good one also as long as she doesn't sit too fast. bouncing fast and high, sitting too fast or making the butt pointy kill the imagionation because it lets you know right away that her weight alone has no chance in hell of popping it. most models are too small too, 5-8 to 6-0 is good, 135 to 150 maybe 120 for small loons and 200 for slightly bigger ones. it has to look like it has no chance of surviving. if thw woman is clothed, you can't go wrong with pants, dresses will doo just as well but if you're in a short skirt, the skin needs to be slightly moist, not slippery but enough for the skin to gripp the balloon for twisting and stuff. also, seeing a woman sit on a balloon on the floor and leaning back all the way is good because the butt muscles will bunch up making the butt thicker and softer and momentarily she can balance herself in it with head/feet/hands off the floor and then sit back up as the balloon rolls back into it's origional position under her weight.

well enough about what i like, here's how it started:

i remember when i was like 5 or so, i was at this grown up people party and there were these asian women that were rather thick for asian about 5-8 130 and one of then put a balloon on the short arm rest of the cowch and slowly sat on it not even knowing the existance of this fetish andcontinued to socialise and when most of her weight was on it, it popped. she just had a not so surprised 'oops' look on her face as she reached for another still chatting about accounting or something. she sat on the second with no sign of interest in what she was doing, she just continued talking and she'd bounce a little when she's talk with her hands and typical body language, this one had no problem holding her weight even though it was just like the one before. after the first balloon, i was instantly hard, yes even at 5 years old. i wanted her to sit on me, kinda half on my chest and half on my face, maybe even with the balloon between us so when it popped, she's fall and slam her butt into me. soon after like a couple months, my mom was mad about something i did and she took my balloon from me and angrily looked around for a few seconds and spotted the chair. she put the balloon onto the chair, turned around and sat on it, from initial butt-balloon contact it took maybe 1.5 seconds for all her weight to be in the balloon, then she rocked little bit then bounced and got pissed off and gave up and went for the scissors (how boring) as turned on as i was, it was a big turn off to see the scissors. overinflation is a big turnoff for me, pulling on the neck is boring, the whole mouth play thing is no good, what else... feet are good, shoes are good, high heels are usually no good, fast stomping is no good. hugging is ok it's good when she's laying on it.

another thingthat started it was my first grade teacher. she was 5-7 140, short brown hair about 27. she took my balloon(a rather small one, a 7 inch i think) she stepped on it to pop itand made me sit in the corner. she must have seen the expression on my face when she popped it because whenever i was in the least bit bad, she used to keep me in during recess and she's sit on a balloon and look at me then continue grading work, kinda shift her weight around a bit and do things like skoot her chair in a bit which would obviousely be a big bounce or two or three, then look at me and call me over, she's wiggle abit then either grab it or pull the chair to force it to pop then she'd tell me to lay down on the chair (it was more like a lightly cushioned bench, and she's sit on me just kinda wherever she would land and continue grading. this was supposed to be my 'punishment' after a while, she had no fear of me telling because she knew i liked it. there were variations, she's put a balloon on me sometimes and sit on it and periodically shift around or start to wiggle or bounce, and if they popped, sometimes we'd go through 2 or 3 balloons and she'd sir or lay on me in all kinds of configurations, it was great! on her back, butt, side, stomach, feet while standing, between legs... on my back, on my face, on my stomach looking down on me with the desperate whiny puppy look on her face. the best was when she'd sit on a balloon on the floor and tell me to take off her shoes so when i lifted her feet, all of her weight was on the balloon then i'l go under her legs and she'd start shifting forward and backward until it would pop and she's lie there and let me drag her all over and take her clothes off. as you could imagion, this was no easy task for a first grader to pull her pants off while she's laying there, i didn't have the strength back then to hold her down with one hand and pull the pants with the other, she never let me take off her brah or underwear all the way though. then we'd finish off the balloons in a creative way, she's let me position her in any way i wanted, this wasn't quite as dificult as the pants. i'd usually shove myself under her mid section and push the floor to lift her butt off the ground, and lay with her on my face then i'd put a balloon either under my body or lega and her on top or thw balloon between us. then i'd push her butt up with my hands and let her fall on me or i'd slide her body across me and sit her up when she was centered on my face or wherever the balloon was, i'd roll her across my body usually from feet finishing at my face. lifting a grown woman with a push-up like motion and dropping her on me back when i was 50 pounds was the pleasure of my day, especially when it made the balloon pop underneeth me especially when she added to the fun by rocking or moving forcing me to roll under her weight. this went on for 2 years. it was a sad day when she left to teach middle school, the more i live the more i learn that it's not everyday a kid and a teacher have a relationship like that and it's not everyday that even 2 people can have something like that. i've never had anything else even resembling that even to this day. i miss hugging her from behind while she's on her stomach and her rolling over onto me then sitting up after a little of rocking, shifting and bouncing. i know it's common for kids to like their teachers but is it common for this kind of play between them?

you can contact me at ibfartin@gmail.com if you want to question me for your research.