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Paraphila is an umbrella term used to cover the family of philias. In sexology, it is sometimes more widely used to cover atypical sexual interests or deviances. While the word paraphilia may seem alien, the philias it encompasses may seem slightly familiar. Think fetishes and unusual desires and you're on the right track!

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Craig's List Caters to Every Sexual Appetite

My obsession with Craig's List appears to be getting out of hand. Trawling through various city portals, I went on the hunt for philia and fetish and boy, did I find it!

Lost your ATM card? Don't waste your time ringing the bank - try this 30-year-old Londoner for a bit of financial domination instead. He writes: "Hi Beautiful, i will make this very brief. i am very submissive,and looking to explore financial domination. i have been interested in this fetish for a little while,and have had a little experience. i am not looking for a brutal Domme,or to be blackmailed,so inexperience is most welcome. i am hopefully looking for something long-term,and not for someone to be a money grabber." Erm, but he does want to be financially dominated. He continues: " i absolutely want nothing in return,except your friendship and ocassional pics(off you and the items you are spending YOUR money on)etc. i have of course many ideas,scenarios,which would make this more exciting,and fun. so please,if this turns you on,excites you,and you feel you would like to explore this with me,please email me with a pic(prefebably a pic,holding my name on show etc) as this shows you are for real ,genuine,and not a guy messing me about.and i will love to chat with you. i am 100% for real,and genuine. kissing your boots, atm"

Fed up with handwashing your delicates? A New Yorker mysophilac writes in with a financially lucrative offer: "Simple request... I have an insatiable fetish with stinky panties, hose, socks, shoes. I am in desperate need of a fix! All I ask is for you to put together a stinky "care package" for me. Dig into that laundry basket, and closet... and I will come pick it up anywhere in the city. NSA. EASY MONEY! This is no joke. Please send a pic if you are interested. I have cash waiting for you..."

Got Milk? A lactose tolerant man in the Atlanta area may be looking for you! The breast man's ad reads: "I am a successful and attractive male who is looking for breast play with an attractive woman. If you have large breasts (I have a fetish), please respond with photos...If you are pregnant or nursing that is a plus....No sex needed, I just simply want to taste some milk.... "

Potentially perfect man alert! There's nothing better than coming home to a clean house and a foot massage now, is there? One New Yorker writes: "Ladies: Are you looking for someone to clean your apartment? Need help with vacuuming, moving furniture around, dusting furniture? Well, I would love to do that for you! I'm 29, white male, clean cut, thin build, and i love sexy female feet! I will clean ur apartment, do ur errands, etc for a foot fetish session. I will massage ur sexy feet! U must be under 40 years, with pretty feet. Write back if interested!"

Shoe collection letting you down? Why not let this 38-year-old Philadelphia man be your personal shopping assistant? He writes: "I have a fetish for beautiful women with beautiful feet. I'm ISO of a woman 25-35 who's very well manicured, clean, physically attractive with pretty feet. I prefer pettite women (white or asian) who know how to put themselves together. My interest is to find you, wherever you are, meet and if there's chemistry, spend the day shoe shopping for you. All expenses covered by me at whichever stores you prefer. If there's a sexual spark, that'd be great, but it's not required. I'm a professional, physically attractive (5'9") athletic build, brown hair, blue eys with a good sense of humor. Discretion is a must. Please send your pictures, including face and feet. We can go from there."

Too many beans last night? A 23-year old New York gas man may be the only one to show you love today! The fart fetishist confesses: "I have a fetish for females who would fart in my face and pass gas while I eat their ass and pussy or while fucking. I am very well hung. A freak in the bed. Get back to me with a pic or number and I will return mine..."

Fed up with painful Brazilians? A 45-year-old Londoner's ad reads: "Hello and thanks for looking at my ad. I know that this is a very specific request and is proving difficult to find but it's worth trying! Now that winter is here, there MUST be someone out there, surely, that doesn't shave their pussy? We all know most women nowadays are obsessed with shaving their pussies (shame on you!) and I am probably the exception, in that, I simply LOVE hairy pussies - the more hair you have the more I love it!" This attitude towards pubic follicles is quite refreshing in the days of the obsession with waxing. He continues: "Hair sticking out of the sides of your knickers, hair growing down your thighs, a hairy small-of-your-back leading down to a hairy arse etc...it doesn't matter how hairy you are, I will love it even more! So, all that said, maybe I am looking for the impossible; a woman with a 'natural' hairy pussy that would like a man like me to worship it!"

Enema Curious? Let this man teach you a thing or two! The New Yorker writes: "Are you a woman who is intrigued by this fetish? By the sexual potential of the enema experience? Whether you’ve done it and want to do it again, or are eager to try for the first time, or merely curious, let me know. I’m a man who knows a thing or two about a full bag and a nozzle, and what to do with them. Good looking, imaginative, smart man." While I adore a man who knows how to use his nozzle, I think I'll pass on that sort of specialist tuition!

Looking for a date to the masquerade ball? This easy-going Montreal man is open to the world of exploring masks and blemishes, writing:"I'm 42, healthy, sane, employed, single, non-smoker. I'm seeking a long-term relationship with the right lady. I'm a good guy, normal in every way. I'm affectionate, caring, smart, educated." He sounds perfect - but there's always a catch, isn't there? He continues: "I also have a huge fetish for masks. I like Catwoman a *lot* ! You should be under 40, single, healthy, smart. If you happen to think masks are fun, that's just awesome. But I think it's pretty rare." Ok, so he likes a bit of dressup - what man isn't into Halle Berry as Catwoman. But of course, there's more: "Or if you have a facial blemish of any kind, this might be an unexpected and fun idea for you. Portwine, whatever. I don't care. At all. Want to be my Catwoman?"

Plumbing not had a good seeing-to for some time? One Boston BBW/Chubby chaser would love to give your pipes a good servicing. He writes: "Hello my BBW woman," Oh dear, does he know what BBW stands for? He continues: "I am a plumber looking for some work...the catch is I do the work in the bottomless. So if you have a leaky toilet or a faucet you need fixed. They email me Ok. Seriously this is not a joke. I do the plumbing work for a good fee. If you want a pic you need to be serious. I am serious about what I do. I have a fetish about do(ing) this work in the buff."

Hair-raising fun! On the Atlanta portal, a man visiting the city for a few days writes: "GWM 43 6'5" 240lbs brown hair, blue eyes, avg looks, clean shaven, nonsmoker, nondrugs, disease free, guy next door type with a fetish for a nice head of hair... a guy with a nice head of full hair that likes to have his hair played with-scalp massage, gel'd, greased, shampoo'd and styled. (Not into bald or thinning hair,) just a nice full head of hair I can get my hands into."

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