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Paraphila is an umbrella term used to cover the family of philias. In sexology, it is sometimes more widely used to cover atypical sexual interests or deviances. While the word paraphilia may seem alien, the philias it encompasses may seem slightly familiar. Think fetishes and unusual desires and you're on the right track!

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Bizarre Love Triangle

Perhaps it was 9 1/2 weeks that sent many of us racing for our fridges when our passions needed feeding or merely the sight of large cucumbers and just melons in the veg aisle, but at some point or another in many of our lives, many of us have introduced food to our sexual menu.

While writing a piece on men's greatest turn-ons, a few of the men I spoke to mentioned the pleasure received from watching women eat and play with food ranging from bananas to cream. Paul, a 28-year-old builder, recalled his normally mundane shopping trip becoming tastier as his girlfriend informed him of exactly what was on their menu that night. She picked up a large bunch of bananas and asked him to slip one in her pussy while he eased into her tight arse. He said: "By the time we got to the puddings and I saw her pick up cream and chocolate sauce, I was ready to explode." He added: "I ate grapes from her pussy, the banana that I fucked her with and licked up the pineapple juice that I poured over her tits. " He joked: "It's the best way to get your five a day."

For some, food is more than a mere turn-on or an accessory to tasty fun. According to 45-year-old Bill from Essex, there's no greater thrill to be had than to see a woman eating a sandwich cut into triangles. While fetish is a personal and specific issue, I have to admit that I'd never come across a fetish quite as particular yet as seemingly innocent as this one. As a schoolboy, he recalled first becoming aware of his desire. Bill said: "I was at my grandmother's for afternoon tea when I saw my eyes caught a glance of my eldest brother's girlfriend holding a plate with a cheese filled triangle perched on it. As she lifted the triangle to her mouth, my cock went hard and I had to quickly make excuses to leave and relieve myself."After that, he admits, he could eat nothing other than sandwiches. He believes his mother assumed it was a fad as he was a fussy eater.

As an adult, Bill's found this fetish difficult to admit to with girlfriends. Of his most recent, the office worker said: "She just laughed for a while and then went quiet, very quiet." Disappointed, he adds: "There hasn't been a 'Dear John' letter yet, but she has asked me to stop making her sandwiches for supper in bed."

While some would call this a food fetish, it is more specific than that. Inanimate object fetishes can be broken down into two categories: media and form. With media fetishes, it's the material that sends sexual shivers up the spine, whereas with a form fetish, the object and shape are of utmost importance, such as in a foot fetishists desire for a steel tipped stiletto....or for Bill a cheese-filled triangle perched near the lips.

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